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Guitar Gallery

Here is a gallery of some of my past builds.  As you can see, the possibilities are endless and are only limited by the imagination of the guitarist who wants to own a Sadilah...

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A simple, straight forward SSH strat style guitar with Texas Blues overwound pickups, Gotoh tuners, basswood body and maple neck.  This utilitarian guitar screams.


From its Mahogany body to its Maple neck, this customer requested build was hardcore!  Locking nut, Floyd Rose tremolo system,  Triple single coil Dragonfire pickups and a custom imaged pickguard all came together to make this just what the doctor ordered for playing Blues, Rock 'n Roll, Metal or Punk. 


This little single P-90 guitar packs a wallop.  Its simplicity allows the musician to tap into their creativity to make this sing.  Mahogany body, laminated maple/mahogony neck. I call her, the "Little Burquena".

The Tele... where it all began.  This sadilah tele style guitar was made with an ash body, flame maple top and flame maple neck.  Outfitted with Prebora single coil pickups, the sound is truly vintage. 


The Big Burque - This is a beast. Solid Padauk wood throughout embellished in Nickel plated components and inlaid with turquoise fret markers.  P90 pickups and incredible sustain will let you tear it up. 


This was a labor of love.  It was commissioned for a charitable organization as an auction item for a fundraiser.  Clad in House of Color metallic purple and mated to a Birdseye maple neck along with a custom logo pickguard, The Giovanni single coils allow this Tele style guitar to hit all the right notes. 

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