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The Demona

Demona is the ultimate gargoyle villain and also the name of the all original guitar from Sadilah.  This body style can be configured in any number of pickup configurations to suit your needs.  The solid body Demona starts at $1200 and Semi hollowbody versions start at $1500.

This Demona is built with a Korina body and neck and weighs a scant 5.8lbs

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Headstock inlaid with genuine turquoise and in this case outfitted with Hipshot locking tuners

Black walnut and turquoise inlays on the body and turquoise fret markers

In this example a Demona is clad in white "Urban Decay" pebbled finish with a Birdseye maple neck. 

Lace Burner single coil and humbucker allow the player to keep it clean or get loud - its your choice!

It is  covered in graffiti and sporting pearl topped volume and tone knobs along with a 3 way switch 

From any angle, this finish stands out against the competition. 


The headstock is inlayed and tuning is supplied by Hipshot locking tuners with industrial knobs


The Demona is also available as a semi-hollow body version. Any combo of woods are within the realm of possibility.

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